We has been growing up with an overall group from self-developing, manufacturing to marketing and selling since 2006. 

We are proud of having a wide range of innovative and classy leather goods and winning long-term cooperations with some brands in the global market.

At the beginning of this business, our founder is deeply influenced by the words of Pietro Beccari, CEO of Fendi—“to be daring, to break the rules, to go beyond what has already been done”. 

We are convinced to optimize each detailed process to make our products different and competitive. In fact, we apply new process and new technology to create more innovative designs and multicolor choices for you not only exquisite workmanship and classy quality. Considering the commercial advantage and competition, these new and featured products are not open on the website. If interested, contact us to talk further.

We are always on the journey of learning. Keeping up the fashion and market trends is also what we go about. Let’s work together to embrace a promising future. 


why choose us

Growing with Our partner

Partners are always our most important asset, we learn from partner, we grow with partner, we expand business with our partner.

Creative Porduct

To keep our customers competitive success  stay competitive, we invest 10% of profits in developing new products each year.

Professional services team

Our sales team and manager all came from branded OEM manufacturer in china, they are family with high-end genuine leather tech accessories with over 10 years.

Rich Experience with brand

Over the past 10 years, Our service ability has been tested by well-known brands like Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, Coach  etc.


Your Reliable Choice of Partner

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