Our OEM Service



WALICASE Leather Case Factory is RoHS-tested and SGS-approved, and due to strict scrutiny of our products by our QC members, the production process is constantly inspected and authenticated to maintain high standards of operation.

The OEM service process involves several steps as observed here:

· Initial communication between Walicase Leather Case Factory and the client to discuss materials, price, technology, delivery, and any other pertinent issue.

· Material procurement, production of bulk samples for the client and confirmation of Customer Signature Edition, assigning the QC department to supervise product design in the workshop (customers are encouraged to visit the workshop to inspect the product and preserve constant communication throughout the process).

· Supplying customer demand (and offering sample versions of selected products).

· Product selection based on client communication and preference over price, quantity, delivery, and other factors as initially arranged.

· The client authorizes use of sample as blueprint for the new leather case.

· The client signs a contract with our company and proceeds to expect delivery.

· Completion of factory production and early packaging to ensure prompt delivery. A notice is sent to the factory to carry out a final inspection of the product.

· When the client approves the product and concludes the payment process, we offer additional assistance for freight procedures such as shipping, customs clearance, etc.; however, clients have the option of sending a vehicle to the factory for delivery.

· The final step is delivery, which we perform within 7-15 days of the order and a member of our customer service is commissioned to carry out a final delivery assessment by communicating with the client in order to build trust and offer assurance and cooperation.

In an effort to boost environmental protection, Walicase Leather Case Factory has set in place thorough guidelines to safely dispose any pollutants discharged during production, and a proper management plan is established to support environmental safety. We are therefore renowned leather agents, importers and distributors with a global appeal and a diverse client base.